Buyers Are 100% Sure They Want to Buy. Likewise, Be Sure You’re 100% Ready to Sell

Selling a house can be a very exciting time! Now you’ll have the time and money to go do all of the things you’ve been wanting to, but haven’t had the chance. On the other hand, it can be very hard to move, emotionally. Everyone has emotional ties to their house; it’s where you spend 1/2 of your life, other than work. It can be heartbreaking to let go of all of those memories. However, it can be a very exhilarating, freeing experience as well.

Be 100% sure you want to sell. Once your home is sold, you can’t go back. You can’t kick out the new owners, after all. Think it through completely. Too many sellers sell for trivial reasons that they later regret. Do not let this be you. Plus, changing your mind during the whole ordeal is very disappointing to buyers, and its also ethically wrong.

They’re 100% sure they want to buy, so you should be completely sure you want to sell. Also, if you receive a buyer that offers¬†the full price for the house, then you actually are legally required to pay the realtor commission even if you decide to back out of the contract.

Plus, if the buyer doesn’t accept your apology, they could take you to court. Some buyers will say “okay, fine” and walk away. While others might be very disgruntled, and get revenge on you in the courtroom.¬†

Do not forget to get an inspection! You want your buyers to trust you fully. If you don’t let them know if there are any issues upfront, they may think you are untrustworthy, and walk, after the inspection report comes out.

Know about any problems with your house before they have the chance to. Also never get too, too excited when you see an offer from a buyer. An offer is never set in stone until after the closing.

You don’t have to agree to any closing date that you don’t want to, however, note that if you aren’t flexible regarding when the buyers can move in, they might not buy your house. They have needs too. Perhaps they’ve already sold their house, and they have to be out by a certain date. It all will come down to how important it is to you to sell your house.



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  1. Unfortunately, they can. They can’t MAKE you move, but if they want to move in on a certain date and you won’t let them, they simply won’t buy your house. Just like you need time to move, they need a place to live. Most of the time, buyers sell their current house before they buy another. So the buyer is ALSO being forced to move out sooner than they would like by THEIR buyer. Make sense?

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